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Scan, process and model more data, from more sites, for more clients - in less time.

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Scan, process and model more data, from more sites, for more clients - in less time.

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Scan, process and model more data, from more sites, for more clients - in less time.

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NavVis Reality Capture Solution

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NavVis has the most accurate mobile mapping systems on the market. Used together with NavVis IVION, professionals in the laser scanning, surveying and AEC industries have an end-to-end reality capture solution.

For laser scanning and surveying professionals

The situation

When your projects have tight schedules, delivering data that's comprehensive and accurate is going to be a challenge. And while you're scrambling to keep your costs down, where will you find the resources to scale up your business, develop your staff, and take on different kinds of projects? You need a reality capture solution that meets all your requirements for speed and precision, while also being capable of operation in the most demanding environments.


The solution


With huge improvements every generation, mobile mapping technology has been embraced and praised by professional surveyors all over the world.


Within the mobile mapping category, NavVis VLX exceeds the requirements of your clients and projects – and data quality that compares favorably with a terrestrial laser scanner.


Use NavVis VLX alongside any surveying device already in your inventory, whether it's a total station, GNSS rover, a terrestrial laser scanner or an unmanned aerial vehicle. Continue to operate as you normally would, but better!

Process, align and georegister

Process, georegister and automatically align scan data from NavVis devices and other data sources with survey-grade accuracy.

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As-built documentation 

Using NavVis IVION Core, simply crop and download sections of a point cloud for modeling in third-party CAD or BIM software applications. With the NavVis IVION Add-in for Autodesk Revit you can then directly compare or verify your BIM model with the up-to-date conditions at any stage of your project.

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Construction verification

NavVis data is perfectly suited for the comparison of BIM models and point clouds in third-party software for construction verification purposes. This enables AEC professionals to have complete transparency before construction has even started or during construction.  

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Collaboration and handover

From project managers to building owners, make important information accessible in any standard browser to the right people at the right time. Collaborate intuitively and visually from start to finish.

NavVis IVION Core

A reality capture platform for laser scanning professionals and engineers. Manage your point clouds with intuitive tools for creation, collaboration, and publication. NavVis IVION Core together with NavVis IVION Processing makes mobile mapping workflows more efficient, speeds up model creation and delivery, and adds value to your data. Learn more about NavVis IVION Core

Post-processing in the cloud

With NavVis IVION Processing, you can process laser scan data captured by NavVis devices anywhere with an internet connection. Easily set up and start processing multiple datasets on site, ready for when you’re back in the office. Learn more about NavVis IVION Processing

NavVis seamlessly fits into existing workflows of third party solutions

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Simplified as- built BIM workflows

Simplify as-built BIM workflows by exporting RCS point cloud data from NavVis IVION for use in RevitTM, NavisworksTM and other Autodesk tools and by using the NavVis RevitTM Add-in and the BIM360TM partner card.

Sustainable digital twins in the process industry

AVEVATM Point Cloud Manager takes NavVis point cloud data and panoramic images into the whole AVEVA portfolio where it can be accessed and contextualized with the rest of engineering and operations data for better, safer, more informed decisions among all stakeholders.

Fastest ground capture for GIS workflows

NavVis data is the perfect complement to ArcGISTM and ArcGIS IndoorsTM, providing high-quality, accurate 3D point clouds and imagery. Use NavVis data to create detailed outdoor and indoor maps and models, improve safety, track assets and analyze spatial information.

Field to finish, faster than ever before

ClearEdge3D's EdgeWiseTM automated extraction software eliminates the tedious parts of as-built modeling. Automatically extract as-built pipes, structural elements, ducts, walls, conduit, and cable trays from NavVis point clouds faster and more accurately than ever before.

CAD-ready results in no time

Deliver first CAD-ready layouts, sections, measurements, and vector lines from imported NavVis point clouds in less than 15 minutes. PointCabTM software is effortless to learn and easy to use.

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Interact with 3D building scans in a new way

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