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Transform your manufacturing operations with an entirely new digital factory technology that instantly transports you to every production site around the world whenever you need to be there, from wherever you are.

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NavVis Digital Factory solutions bring a new level of transparency and flexibility to production network. NavVis solutions are custom built to meet the needs of your entire organization, from global operations and planning to the local factory shop floor

Unified global operations
Increased best practice sharing
Reduced travel and time on site
Optimized planning & relocation
Unified global operations

Unified Global Operations


Be on site in a matter of seconds with a web-based, fully immersive digital factory that lets you remotely inspect and compare highly detailed, realistic production sites around the world from any device. On demand access to your production sites makes it much faster and more efficient to unify and manage global operations

Increased best practice sharing

Increased best practice sharing

Review, document and share best practices with an interactive content sharing tool that is tagged to real world objects and locations. Add documents, media and URLs that can be shared with a link that takes your colleagues right to the location in the virtual site.

Reduced travel and time on site

Reduced travel and time on site

Many of the tasks that previously required an on site visit can be done entirely or more efficiently in a realistic digital factory. Remote access to every factory as a virtual site means that your organization will benefit from reduced travel time, site visits and even a lower carbon footprint.

Optimized planning & relocation

Optimized planning and relocation

Assess current conditions on the shop floor from any device, take accurate measurements remotely and even download sections of point clouds to more easily and efficiently update 3D models.


Share the benefits with Local Teams 

Intuitive visual interface

Integrate existing software systems into your digital factory to give your teams a realistic, location-based visual interface that is easy to use and understand.

Improved tendering process

A realistic visual aide clearly demonstrates the status quo, reduces the need for on site tours and helps stakeholders avoid mistakes and delays.

Increased transparency for repair and maintenance

Highly detailed information tagged to real world locations makes it possible to easily locate and perform detailed inspections of facility assets and surroundings virtually.

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An end-to-end digital factory solution 

Our expert team will work with you and your team to develop a fully scalable, custom solution that can be implemented in manufacturing facilities around the world. Our enterprise-ready technology uses industry leading reality capture technology that is up to 10 times faster than any other solution on the market

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We work with you to determine how digital twin technology can best serve your team globally and locally

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Data Capture

We arrange for our global network of certified mapping partners to scan your factories around the world on a regular basis

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We manage the setup, implementation and customization of your digital factory

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Digital Factory

You get a secure, cloud-hosted virtual site of all your factories that can be accessed using a web link

Used by the biggest names in manufacturing

Pioneered and developed alongside one of the biggest names in German automotive manufacturing, our trail-blazing digital factory technology is now benefitting some of the biggest names in manufacturing

Enterprise Success Story:

Siemens & NavVis
Digital Factory Solution

“My suppliers can easily get an understanding of what my factory looks like and what kind of solutions I need”

Thomas Meier

Head of Technology Excellence, Digital Factory Division

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Thanks to NavVis technology, every SKODA AUTO employee worldwide can collaborate and inspect the most up-to-date virtual representation of the production floor, reducing costs and time-to-market”
Leoš Č1
Leos Cerveny
VR & Digital Factory IT Lead, SKODA AUTO
Even while in home office, our factory planners are able to take measurements in production halls without being there or even pick up a measuring tape”
Portrait_Andre Bongartz_360 Grad Scan
Andre Bongartz
Project Manager, Audi
Since implementing COVID-19 physical distancing measures, the usage of our NavVis Digital Twin has increased roughly 300%. Many tasks in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), layout planning, and operations can be done remotely from home”
Peter Krause
Simulations Expert, Siemens EWA


Case Study: Siemens

Learn more about how Siemens implemented its most advanced digital factory using NavVis technology

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