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Unlock the potential trapped in your business

Discover how you can reduce your project time by up to 80% compared to standard industry solutions
Let us help you grow

Unlock the potential trapped in your business

Discover how you can reduce your project time by up to 80% compared to standard industry solutions

Let us help you grow


Scanning Realities

Laser-focused insights into the current geospatial landscape and beyond

Process and plant

Transparency for your production assets

Bring new plants to production quickly, confidently manage renovations, and minimize shutdowns by relying on accurate 3D representation of your facilities.

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The situation

Documentation that doesn't accurately reflect "as-is" conditions is a poor foundation for plant design that can lead to safety issues or reworks that delay projects and increase costs. Scanning the facilities with traditional scanning methods can be very slow and costly. And what's the value of 3D scans without a platform where stakeholders can easily access them and collaborate?

The solution

The NavVis Digital Plant Solution gives engineers and asset owners access to digital as-built documentation and the ability to collaborate via an intuitive web interface. NavVis VLX captures point clouds with unprecedented speed and accuracy, while NavVis IVION makes your digital plant accessible from anywhere.

NavVis Digital Plant Solution

Rapid data capture

Patented NavVis mobile mapping technology can capture production assets and process facilities with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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Reliable as-is data
Reduced manual effort and quicker turn-around time using NavVis's high-quality point clouds for 3D modeling, collision detection, reverse engineering, and virtual reality applications.
Remote facility access

From any standard web browser, NavVis IVION Enterprise enables engineering and operations teams to make the right decisions based on actual site conditions they can trust. This minimizes risk and reduces costs associated with multiple on-site visits

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Enhanced team collaboration

With NavVis IVION Enterprise, users can simply send a link to specific content or a location within the scan. Now, teams can collaborate better, explore best practice scenarios, and engage with remote suppliers.

NavVis Technology

Mobile mapping system

NavVis VLX

A first-of-its-kind, wearable mapping device that brings high-quality reality capture to the process industry in a versatile, compact design.

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Spatial data platform


NavVis IVION is a supercharged new platform for owners-operators, and contractors to transform buildings and assets into web-based intelligent spaces.

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Use cases

Design and engineering Conceptual planning

Finding an economic and technically-feasible development concept involves specialists from multiple disciplines. In a COVID world, this has proven to be even more challenging, as it involves contractor job site walks. NavVis can help you properly plan and execute projects while maintaining schedule and budget. The spatial data that is obtained is processed to produce as-is documentation of your plant, which is critical to answering questions and concerns that your mechanical, electrical, or general contractors might have.

Design and engineering Model verification

NavVis high-quality point clouds of your as-built can be compared against your design model in 3rd party tools like AVEVATM E3D Design. These captured points clouds ensure accuracy and reliability unlike manual methods of verification that are inefficient and expensive.

Design and engineering Collision detection

NavVis point clouds of your as-built can be compared against your design model in 3rd party tools like AVEVTM E3D Design. 3D CAD designs are integrated with point clouds to confirm tie-in points and ensure the design is clash-free. Ensure your model is robust and identify clashes before construction starts to avoid time delays and material expenses.

Maintenance and operationsPlant maintenance

High-quality point clouds for oil and gas facilities help ensure that operations are optimal by providing accurate sizing and fit data. A company can capture existing equipment with laser scanners to generate accurate data about its measurements and determine whether replacement parts will fit correctly. Also, for future plant expansions, up-to-date models of your facility can be used to accurately plan the new design and speed up the development schedule.

Maintenance and operationsRegulatory verification

Having an accurate digital representation of your plant allows you to show regulators and inspectors what’s there before they walk the line. Make your plant accessible to every stakeholder from any standard web browser.


AVEVA Technology Partner

AVEVATM Point Cloud Manager takes NavVis point cloud data and panoramic images into the whole AVEVA portfolio where it can be accessed and contextualized with the rest of engineering and operations data for better, safer, more informed decisions among all stakeholders

“We are very excited to welcome NavVis as our partners in providing our digital twins. We see NavVis’ wearable mobile mapping hardware as a disruptive step forward in the laser scanning marketplace. Together, AVEVA Point Cloud Manager and NavVis technology represent a very rapid way of creating and updating the digital twin.”
Andy Davidson Product Manager for AVEVA™ Point Cloud Manager

Data protection and compliance

To uphold rigorous standards of information security and data privacy, NavVis possesses both a TISAX label as a trusted service provider to the automotive industry and an ISO 27001 certification.


NavVis Process and Plant resources

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