Enabling digital value creation indoors

NavVis empowers building owners and users to fully digitize all processes around their indoor spaces

  • Ultra fast and cost-efficient indoor mapping

  • Web access to your digital building in 3D

  • The most advanced indoor navigation - no Wifi or beacons required!

Digitize your indoor spaces and processes with NavVis technology. Our customers already apply NavVis technology in building documentation (safety, insurance), construction planning and monitoring, facility management, plant planning & logistics, visitor services, multi-channel retailing and many more - increasing revenues and cutting cost by millions every day.

Our platform is incredibly powerful and easy to use.

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The NavVis digital indoor platform

NavVis offers a full product stack ranging from the necessary hardware to capture your indoor spaces to a browser-based application for super fast and easy visualization of entire buildings and campuses. The NavVis indoor navigation technology completes the product suite for end-to-end digital indoor processes.

M3 Trolley

M3 Trolley

Ultra-fast 3D mapping of even the largest indoor spaces at an unmatched cost/quality ratio.

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No CAD expert? No problem! Our browser-based IndoorViewer allows you to access your data anywhere, on any device.

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Navigation App

Navigation App

Indoor navigation based on computer vision. Highly accurate and no beacon or WiFi infrastructure required.

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Examples of NavVis applications

From construction to retail, there is a limitless spectrum of applications along the entire chain of indoor value creation. NavVis is build to scale - whether you want to digitize your small retail space or capture an entire industrial complex:

Scan for CAD / BIM

As of now, surveying buildings in order to generate BIM or CAD models has been a time consuming task. With the NavVis M3 Trolley the time to collec... read more about NavVis for Scan for CAD / BIM

NavVis Scan for CAD / BIM

Transportation Hubs

Airports, train stations and bus terminals often extend over large areas with several floors, making it difficult for travelers to find their way a... read more about NavVis for Transportation Hubs

NavVis Transportation Hubs


Combining online and offline becomes more and more important for retailers. Presenting your complete store online enables you to expand real-world ... read more about NavVis for Retail

NavVis Retail


Constructing new buildings or conducting extensive refurbishments are always major projects with many uncertainties. From laying the groundworks to... read more about NavVis for Construction

NavVis Construction

Facility Management

Managing your facilities requires a lot of knowledge, time and money. Field workers need to be delegated across vast indoor and outdoor spaces to c... read more about NavVis for Facility Management

NavVis Facility Management

Don't see your use case? We believe in open standards and team up with customers to build new solutions on top of our software. Get in touch and let's discuss how to develop your market together!

Create your ecosystem for digital indoors

From digitally supported repair and maintenance services to interactive museum guides – there are endless possibilities to build on top of our software.


Use our open API to build tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements. Whether you want to apply your corporate design or integrate specific content or functionalities.

Navigation App

The SDK for our Navigation App lets you implement indoor positioning into your proprietary app and tailor the environment to your exact needs (coming soon).

Try it out yourself

Explore an example of our IndoorViewer used in a museum environment below. The interface has been developed specifically to the requirements of the Deutsches Museum Munich.