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Applications and Use Cases

Innovative mobile scanning

Creating as-built documentation of buildings and facilities is a highly labor intensive process. NavVis offers a unique mobile scanning solution that captures both point cloud and 360° immersive imagery in large buildings at an unprecedented speed, which will dramatically change the way you capture as-built documentation.


Large-scale indoor scanning


Terrestrial tripod-based laser scanners require many scanning positions and it can therefore be very time-consuming to scan large indoor environments. NavVis offers a time-saving, rapid, simple and complete scanning of the current state of any building, capturing up to 30,000 square meters per day




Capturing as-built documentation to update floorplans is a time-consuming process that requires detailed information. NavVis technology simplifies and significantly speeds up the data capture process making it faster and easier to deliver up-to-date floorplans




Up-to-date BIM models require real world information, which is tedious to capture and model. NavVis makes modeling easier by enabling your modeling team to virtually “walk through” the current state of the building




Bring a new dimension to your surveying services by giving customers access to intuitive browser-based buildings

360 Image



6  high resolution cameras

Images: 6 x 16 megapixel  

Optimized for high dynamic range and low-light





3 single layer laser scanners

1 multi-layer laserscanner

Photorealistic point clouds: up to 5mm resolution

Point cloud formats: LAS, PLY, PTS, XYZ, E57


Benefits & key features

Fast, accurate 3D scanning

Fast, accurate 3D scanning: NavVis M6 is an all-in-one mapping system that lets you capture photorealistic point clouds and 360° immersive imagery. Our powerful mapping software features 6D SLAM, which lets you continuously scan in complex indoor environments. Ground control points can be included to achieve survey-grade accuracy and simplify geo-referencing.


Open visualization platform with powerful functions:

Open visualization platform with powerful functions: NavVis IndoorViewer lets you manage your data in one place. Import and view point clouds captured by other systems as well as DXF floorplans. Third party point clouds and floorplans can also be accessed and shared online using a link.

Realistic, interactive 3D data

Realistic, interactive 3D data: Point clouds with up to 5mm resolution can be accessed in NavVis IndoorViewer while 360° virtual walkthroughs let users explore built environments from any device. Point clouds are available in PLY, PTS, XYZ, LAS and E57 formats and can be imported to most commonly used CAD/BIM software to create and update floorplans and BIM models.


Secure, browser-based access and publishing

Secure, browser-based access and publishing: Get remote access to your data from any device with the browser-based NavVis IndoorViewer. The secure user rights management system gives you complete control over who has access to viewing and editing your data. NavVis IndoorViewer simplifies data publishing by letting you share a link with your customers.

Software Integration

NavVis IndoorViewer Add-In for Autodesk Revit

With the NavVis IndoorViewer add-in for Autodesk Revit you can now connect your BIM models to 360° immersive imagery and point clouds that display the current state of the building.

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"Surveying large buildings used to be a time-consuming and costly task. Thanks to NavVis, we've reduced our surveying time and costs by 90%."

Godofredo Carlos Geyer, CEO at Innvea 3D Scanning & Mapping Solutions

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Learn how our surveying partners, Vermessung Schubert, are using NavVis reality capture technology to speed up as-built data capture and bring BIM models to existing buildings



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