Real Estate & Facility Management

NavVis provides Real Estate and Facility Managers with transparent access to building portfolios by capturing and visualizing as-is building information for the entire lifecycle
Applications and Use Cases

A new dimension for
property management

For a detailed overview and increased transparency, corporate real estate owners as well as leading facility management providers are using NavVis technology to capture and visualize reliable as-is building documentation for the entire lifecycle. This saves time and reduces the costs of operating a building. Concrete applications include:

Retrofitting & Relocation

Retrofitting & Relocation


Outdated documentation makes planning retrofitting and relocation projects risky and time consuming. NavVis creates transparency with reliable as-is information and grants access for every stakeholder to speed up the whole construction or relocation processes.


Handover Documentation


Lack of reliable documentation makes handover complicated, and on-site visits are costly and laborious. NavVis provides remote access to comprehensive as-is documentation allowing stakeholders to virtually walk through the building to gather the required information.




Tendering processes are time consuming, and bids often include high risk premiums. NavVis helps reduce risk premiums and improves efficiency by providing comprehensive and accessible visual documentation.


Repair & Maintenance


Service teams are facing inefficient maintenance processes and low first-time fix rates. NavVis increases operational efficiency by enabling users to view assets and surroundings remotely before entering the facility.

Benefits & key features


Fast, simplified 3D scanning: Capture up to 30,000 square meters a day with mobile scanning. The M6 automatically captures reality as it is pushed through indoor environmen



Intuitive, powerful functions: Add, edit, search and share comments and geo-tagged information with the point of interest function. Take accurate measurements and plan your indoor routes.



Detailed, realistic 3D representation: 360 degree immersive images and photorealistic point clouds create highly detailed digital facilities that you can walkthrough virtually from anywhere.



Secure, browser-based software: No plug-in or download required. Choose between hosting on-premise with secure, enterprise-ready user & rights management or using a cloud service. The open API makes it easy to integrate other software solutions.


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Software integration

Visual Real Estate Management using the NavVis IndoorViewer. Fully integrate IndoorViewer into your SAP ERP system. Modify assets, create tasks and update database content directly in the virtual environment.

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The integration of Geomap with NavVis for Facility and Asset Management allows users to create and manage assets and maintenance processes directly in IndoorViewer.

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